HARP24 2022 -Camping & Parking

Camping and parking at HARP24 are both significantly different at 2022's event compared to previous years due to the change of venue to the new Westcliff Rugby Club grounds.


In previous years, cars and other vehicles have been permitted on to the camping ground. This year, no vehicles are permitted. Therefore, you must arrive, enter the Drop Off Area, take your camping equipment over to your camping area, and then quickly come back to your car and move it to the nearby Ipeco car park.

Parking v1.png


This year's camping pitches will not be individually marked out. This is because as no vehicles are permitted on the camping grounds, there is less need to keep a clear roadway. General areas have been marked out on the below image for various groups. Solo runners are close to the chip timing and refreshment tents as they are less likely to have friends and family to watch their belongings.

Please be respectful of other campers. There is plenty of space as long as you try to keep to as small an area as possible. If it works for Glastonbury, it can work for HARP24! Please do not camp on the rugby pitches!

Camping Layout v2.png