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As well as being an incredible running event, HARP24 is an important fundraising event for HARP, Southend's homeless charity

As you take on the ultimate 24-hour running challenge, you'll be helping to support people as they take on the challenge of overcoming homelessness. 

Every penny raised at HARP24 funds the life-changing work of HARP, who support around 1,000 local people experiencing or at risk of homelessness every year. 

In addition to the entry fee, we need all runners to SMASH their fundraising target of £100 per person.


For team targets, simply multiply this amount by the number of people in your team. For example, if you are a team of three, your team fundraising target will be £300, £700 for a team of seven, and so on. 

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HARP24 Impact          Who HARP Help          Top Fundraising Tips

HARP24 Impact

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Since the very first HARP24 in 2012, the event has raised over £117,000 to fund the life-changing work of HARP. 

All of the money raised at HARP24 goes towards providing housing, support, food and activities to help give people experiencing homelessness a platform to recover and thrive.


Who HARP Help

Here are just a selection of the people that HARP have been able to support with the help of our HARP24 runners and sponsors. 

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Homelessness isn't permanent - it's just a phase.

"Sometimes you just need someone to say ‘I believe in you’"

Top Fundraising Tips


Set an ambitious target

All runners have a £50 target for HARP24, and we hope everyone smashes this. To push your fundraising to the next level, set an ambitious target for your supporters to help you achieve!

Talk about the challenge of HARP24

Tell your supporters and sponsors how many miles you are aiming to cover over the weekend, and how through your efforts you are aiming to make a difference to people taking on the challenge of homelessness.

Share your fundraising page

Make sure you share your fundraising page far and wide across social media, group chats, over email friends and colleagues, and be sure to let everyone know how much of an impact you are aiming to make through your herculean efforts!

Share stories of HARP's impact

Use the stories on this website and in the emails we will send to you to inspire your supporters to donate as much as they are able to!

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