19th & 20th June 2021

HARP24 is the 24 hour running festival taking place every June in South Essex. This year, HARP24 will be a virtual experience, so you can take part no matter where you are.


Solo runners and teams compete from midday on Saturday through to midday on Sunday. The winner in each category completes the most miles within this time period. Everyone from experienced ultra runners to fun runners can take part, whilst raising money for HARP - Southend's Homeless Charity

What you get

All runners receive a FREE HARP24 2021 T-shirt in their specified size, a medal, a virtual goodie bag, and of course our eternal gratitude for supporting HARP so we can help more local people to overcome homelessness. There will also be an online briefing on Zoom before the event starts. 

Race Rules

By signing up for the Virtual HARP24, you agree to follow the Race Rules for: 



For all teams, there are three categories: all-female, all-male, and mixed. 

Please note, to be eligible for a trophy as a mixed team, you must have no more than the maximum number of male team members as specified below. If your team exceeds the maximum number of male team members, you can still enter but will not be eligible to win a trophy within your category. 

Teams of 3 - Max 2 male team members

Teams of 4 - Max 3 male team members

Teams of 5 - Max 3 male team members

Teams of 6 - Max 4 male team members

Teams of 7 - Max 4 male team members

Teams of 8 - Max 5 male team members

Teams of 9 - Max 5 male team members

Teams of 10 - Max 6 male team members

Teams of 11 - Max 6 male team members

Teams of 12 - Max 7 male team members

Mixed teams which do not meet this ratio are welcome to participate, but will not qualify for a winners trophy.


The event is not a relay this year due to the constraints of the virtual format, team members can run concurrently if they wish to.

Tracking Your Mileage


All runs must be tracked on Strava, and you must link your Strava account with our event and fundraising platform Enthuse when setting up your fundraising page. Manually tracked entries will not be permitted.


Strava is a free app with paid upgrade options, but you can simply use the free version to take part in the HARP24 Virtual Challenge. Strava is available on the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android. It integrates with all major smart watchers and fitness trackers.


If you do not already have a Strava account, please download the Strava app for your device and register your account before registering for the HARP24 Virtual Challenge.


Only runs and walks on Strava will count towards your total.

Start and Finish Times


All runs or walks tracked by participants which are started after 12:00:00 on Saturday 19th June and finished before 12:00:00 on Sunday 20th June will count towards your total mileage.


It is your responsibility to ensure you stop tracking your final run before midday on Sunday 20th June. If you fail to stop tracking a run, the entire run will be removed from your total. This rule is in place to ensure a level playing field for all teams and there will be no appeal process.

Safety notice 

Please take care when running late at night in remote locations on your own. Think about buddying up with other solo runner or teammates to stay safe. We will still be under some form of covid-related restrictions, so please ensure to follow the latest Government guidelines on household mixing and social distancing.


The Virtual HARP24 2021 results will be published on the website by Monday 21st June. We will notify all participants when the results are available. 


© HARP 2021


HARP is the independent Southend based charity that reduces homelessness by providing essential services, emergency housing and long term solutions. This enables people to rebuild their lives and live independently in the community.


HARP is a registered charity, charity number: 1098126. Registered provider of social housing number: 4742.